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Soccer 2017-2018

Registration closes in 8 days

Register for the team of your child's birth year, even if there is not a team currently in that division. We will place players appropriately after registration. If you have a daughter born in 2006, register her from "2006 Girls", if your son was born in 2011, register him for "2011 Boys", etc.

This soccer registration will be good for the fall and spring seasons. Fall season runs from September through November. Spring is March - June 2018.

NOTE - ALL USA SOCCER LEAGUES NOW REQUIRE REGISTRATION BASED UPON BIRTH YEAR (not grade). PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD IS REGISTERED FOR THE TEAM ASSIGNED TO THEIR BIRTH YEAR. Adjustments to team registrations may be made after registration is complete in order to combine teams by age, etc.

2018 Baseball

2018 Baseball for 5th and 6th Grade Boys

Spring Track 2018

Spring Track meets once a week for practice -typically a run at the Wagner College track, and will have a minimum of one meet, hopefully more during the course of the season.
If you have a uniform from Fall track you do not need to purchase a new one.

Swimming 2018

Swimming practices once per week and utilizes the Wagner College pool.

Golf 2018

Registration is closed

For those interested STUDENTS (BOYS & GIRLS – 4th Grade and above), the OLGC Golf program is back.

Please Note: By registering your child for Golf, you acknowledge that you understand the following: Golf will take place in the Gym once per week for about 4-5 weeks, then at the golf range for 4-5 weeks. Student golfers who show the proper progression in maturity (behavior), skill, and golf etiquette will be able to participate for 4-6 weeks on the golf course at Silver Lake. Due to safety concerns and the basic rules of the sport, children who do not meet the necessary level of behavior, skill, and maturity may be excluded from the golf course outings. Not all students are guaranteed to golf at Silver Lake. Please make sure your children understand this before the season begins.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Registration,

For more information, visit the Our Lady of Good Counsel Sports Association website at



OLGC Sports

Welcome to the Our Lady of Good Counsel

Sports Association Registration Site

UPDATED February 2018


Registration is now open for Half Season Spring Soccer, Golf, Swimming and Spring Track.  

If you have any questions or need to make alternate registration arrangements please contact


Registration is contingent upon eligibility and compliance with the rules and requirements of the OLGC Sports Program.

In the case that a team can not be formed due to lack of interest, we will do our best to place your child on a team.   If that is not possible, your registration fee will be fully refunded.  

For the OLGC Sports Website, please go to


Our Lady of Good Counsel Fall Sports Overview

Registration is open to all children of the

OLGC Parish and School Community



OLGC Spring Sports Registration

Registration is now open for:

Spring Track and Field

Open to all grades - Includes practices at the Wagner College Track and several meets.  Join our growing Track team!



Sunday evening practices held at the Wagner College Pool – Open to 1st through 8th Grade.

NOTE: This program is NOT instructional swimming, your child should be comfortable in the pool before joining



Open to Grades 4th – 8th

Practices in the OLGC Gym and then moves to the range and then the Golf Course.  See important notes online.


Half-season Soccer Registration - Spring Only

All grades welcome (half season = half price)


Register now – don’t get shut out!

Go to for details!

Any questions email